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 Welcome to the DGS Training Registration System

Welcome to Training Registration System (TRS). You now have the ability to register yourself for education and training classes. DGS offers resources to assist you in meeting your safety requirements (OSHA, SAM)

The TRS system gives you the ability to save your personal profile information. Once saved, you will supply a TRS issued username and password, that will automatically fill in your profile information when registering for another TRS course. What a time saver!

NEW!!! Office Ergonomics Refresher Course Created!!!!!
 The Department of General Services, Office of Risk and Insurance Management (ORIM) is pleased to announce the development of a one day Office Ergonomic Refresher course. This course is designed to expand on the technical aspects presented in the Office Ergonomic Training for Trainers.

For additional information, please contact Tavelle Matteucci at 916-376-5309 or by email at tavelle.matteucci@dgs.ca.gov.

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